About ONArmor

ON Armor was founded in 2014 by a group of individuals all of which wanted to develop a range of superior products based upon their wealth of experience from the world of performance training, nutrition and alternative supplements. The first group of individuals are well respected for their experience and results in the strength training, bodybuilding, and strongman industry, the second group has extensive knowledge of supplements, nutrition and the role which these play in our bodies development and overall performance. The last of the ON Armor group is made up from those who advise upon, design, develop and manufacture performance enhancing products such as AAS.

At the heart of the ON Armor concept is the drive to develop and maintain a high quality product range and provide a new wave of life into a copycat saturated industry to satisfy the demands of an ever changing climate and the vigorous demands of the bodybuilding and performance athletes market as a whole.

We understand that whilst some people do not want to compete they still want the best look and the best performance from their own workouts, body and training programs. The ON Armor brand accommodates this requirement with a range of products that give anyone, pro athlete or the average person who wants a better body, the building blocks to succeed in their ultimate goal.

With state of the art production facilities occupying over 10,000 square feet of operating space, the way in which ON Armor products are products is one of the most cutting edge and possibly the most hygienic anywhere.

On Armor is able to control the integrity of all of our products through our unique relationship with our licenced manufacturer. Unlike other UGLs, our products are produced, under contract, by a pharmaceutical company that also manufacture their own licenced products. Using the very best Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Raws) our products are verified through random in-house and independent laboratory testing consistently. Laboratory services are used to confirm the purity and potency of every ingredient on our labels to ensure you get the exact results you were expecting from each and every product.  Unlike other companies, you can be assured that we will always provide EXACT dosed products, using superior raws and ingredients.

Remember, we use our own products and want the best results from our training too.

With state of the art production facilities occupying over 10,000 square feet of operating space, the way in which the manufacturer produces On Armor products is one of the most cutting edge and possibly the most hygienic anywhere.

The licenced manufacturer has more than 30 years’ experience in classical Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), and 10 years’ in High Potency Active Ingredients (HPAPIs), Building a formidable reputation in the custom manufacture of these products for third-party pharmaceutical partners.
All products meet the most stringent quality, safety, and environmental standards globally, and the new segregated facility maintains complete separation from HPAPIs & API warehousing, labs and manufacturing areas.

For more than 20 years the manufacturer has produced formulations of drug products for supply to its licensing partners worldwide. In 1997 the company built a new greenfield facility to support the growth of its licensing business and today supplies over 40 markets including the US, EU, India and Japan. Production is carried out onsite in its manufacturing and packaging facilities and also at a network of external manufacturing service providers.

  • State-of-the-art segregated facility with advanced containment technologies that protect the integrity of products
  • A successful quality record with global regulatory agencies.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified since 2000, confirming a commitment towards environmental protection
  • Health & Safety 18001 certified in 2005
  • World-class finished products and services and manage an external network of Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) partners to provide global supply of group products to partners
  • Internationally recognised by industry awards for industrial safety and responsible care consistently over many years
  • In 2011, further investments increased the analytical testing capacity.
  • Experience and quality equals confidence

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